Heartfelt Sympathy Gift Guide
Bereavement and Sympathy Gifting Guide


Living Memorials - Plant and Garden Gifts

Plants remind us of the power of life. As memorial gifts, plants provide a focal point for contemplation and remembrance, and contribute to a peaceful atmosphere.

With the increasing popularity of cremation, cremated remains (ashes) can be scattered in a natural setting. Plaques or markers are then used to commemorate the deceased and mark the location.

Potted plants make an excellent, lasting alternative to funeral flowers. A well-presented, gift-quality plant can be as beautiful as any floral arrangement, and provide beauty and pleasure for years instead of weeks. Plants make beautiful gifts, but should be easy to care for unless you know the recipient has a green thumb.

Memorial trees and plants

Eternitree's range includes memorial gift trees and plants, bonsai trees, and tree markers (memorial plaques). All gift trees are guaranteed for life - if it doesn't survive, they will replace it. Delivery is anywhere within the US.

  • Potted gift plants are packaged in a gift box along with a personal message from you and care instructions for the recipient. Memorial plants in a pot last much longer than bouquets of flowers.
  • Memorial Gift Tree Packages include a two- to three-year-old sapling (approximately two feet tall) in a five inch pot wrapped in decorative packaging, plus a gift booklet and complete care and planting instructions. The trees can live happily in the pot they arrive in for several months, and be planted any time of the year.

Where there is limited garden space, Eternitree's Bonsai Tree selection provides an alternative that can also be easily transported during a relocation. Both indoor bonsai trees and outdoor bonsai trees beautify any memorial display, put alongside framed photos, the cremation urn, and other mementoes.

Memorial Garden Accessories

To accompany a tree, or if you already have a plant or place in the garden in mind, a marker or plaque that can be fixed into the earth is best so nothing needs to be attached to the plant itself. If there isn't already, provide somewhere to sit. This could be regular garden furniture, or a special memorial bench. In addition to plants, consider windchimes and water features.

The Comfort Company has the widest range of memorial items suitable for outdoors. Many can be personalized. See:


Personalized Tree Memorial

Personalized Tree Memorial

from The Comfort Company, Inc.

Memorial tree planting on public lands

TreeGivers trees are planted on public lands all across the country where they can grow in natural surroundings, contribute to the environment, provide shelter for wildlife, and be enjoyed by all. The Memorial Tree package includes a personalised card and letter of sympathy plus the Official Certificate of Planting which can be delivered in a solid oak frame or unframed. Free shipping within the US.